My name is David and I was born in Geneva in 1981.

I am a practitioner in maieusthesia, and a geologist.

My expertise relies on:

  • a formation in maieusthesia completed between 2018 and 2020 (certified in 2021) and many hours of practice
  • a delicate sensitivity and a profound wonderment for what we are
  • a life path made of diversified experiences

Driven since my early childhood by a strong need for authenticity, life brought me to look into myself with a special attention and deeply question what and who I was. With time, accompanying others through challenging life experiences became a clear aspiration.

Geologist by background (MSc), I am passionate about the history of life and our planet. For about fifteen years, my studies and subsequent career took me from Switzerland to Spain, the United States, New Zealand and the Netherlands. I am now living in Geneva with my wife and our two children.